American Confidence in Elections Act

Ranking Member Rodney Davis introduced the American Confidence in Elections Act (ACE Act), the key Republican election integrity bill as we move toward the majority. Further, the ACE Act continues to address disappointing challenges faced by military and overseas voters and makes the biggest legislative effort in a generation to protect political speech.  

The bill is focused on three main pillars: providing states with tools to implement election integrity measures and removing federal impediments, exercising Congress' responsibility to implement election integrity measures in D.C., and protecting free speech. 

To learn more about the bill, here are ACE Act materials:

General Findings

  • States have the primary role in establishing election law and administering elections.
  • All eligible voters must be able to vote, and all lawful votes must be counted.
  • Political speech is protected speech and all voices—including conservative voices—must be protected.

State Tools

  • Provides states with tools to boost election integrity and removes outdated federal policies that get in their way.
  • Prohibits non-citizen voting, allows states to use REAL ID as proof of citizenship, and directs bipartisan EAC standards board to establish a federal forum that will help states discuss best practices.
  • Paired with model state legislation for state legislatures to consider.

D.C. as Example

  • Will exercise Congress' responsibility over D.C. to implement election integrity measures outlined in the model state legislation.
  • Requires photo ID to vote in person or request absentee ballot, requires annual list maintenance, prohibits same-day registration & ballot harvesting, prohibits automatically mailed ballots, requires post-election audits.

Protecting Free Speech

  • Protects conservative voices and Americans' First Amendment right to speak political views and support candidates, causes and organizations without fear of retribution.
  • Strengthens state party committees & non-profit organizations.
  • Curbs the use of "Zuckerbucks" and prevents the creation of any "Misinformation Czar."