Congressional Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The House of Representatives is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce. In one of the first acts of the 116th Congress, the House established the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This bipartisan office is charged with providing Congress with a diversity plan to direct and guide House employing offices to recruit, hire, train, develop, advance, promote, and retain a workforce that reflects America.

Republican leaders in Congress see this office as a tool to continue to create more sustainable pathways for Congressional offices to reflect the communities they aim to serve. This office will focus on developing resources to ensure more inclusive processes that contribute to a more welcoming Congressional workforce. Congressional staffers make a direct impact on the lives and wellbeing of millions of Americans, and these staffers should reflect our nation’s many perspectives.  Through research, outreach, and leadership development opportunities, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will help prepare the next generation of Congressional staff to strengthen Congress’ ability to represent all Americans.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will serve Republican Congressional offices by:

  • Creating and partnering with Member offices to provide more professional development opportunities for Congressional staff.
  • Providing resources to help offices recruit and retain staff that represent the communities they serve.
  • Developing and conducting a bipartisan survey to evaluate diversity in House employing offices.

To submit your resume to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for consideration in a Republican office, please visit the resume submission bank here:

For additional information or support, please contact:

Jeyben Castro