IA-02 Election Contest


In Iowa’s Second District, bipartisan recount boards in all 24 counties — including a member appointed by the Miller-Meeks campaign, a member appointed by the Hart campaign, and their agreed upon third member — conducted the recount. Following the recount, Iowa’s bipartisan State Canvassing Board voted unanimously to declare Rep.-elect Dr. Miller-Meeks the winner on Nov. 30.

Instead of challenging the certification in court, the Democrat candidate, Rita Hart, decided to skip that step and ask Washington Democrats to overturn the will of Iowa voters.

Despite committing to a fair and open process, Democrats have already moved to rig the contest in favor of Hart by inventing out of whole cloth brand new election contest rules that disregard both federal law and the Majority’s own regulations. Democrats’ rules are intended to change the results of the election in their favor by:

  • Rigging the outcome in favor of Hart and giving her attorney, Marc Elias, the opportunity to undo the election;
  • Forcing Congresswoman Miller-Meeks to defend her right to the seat even though she holds a state election certificate, in violation of federal law; and
  • Requiring Congresswoman Miller-Meeks to produce all evidence and legal arguments before she has the opportunity to engage in discovery, where she might gain new information, a shocking rejection of due process.

Republicans, led by Ranking Member Rodney Davis, continue to push back against these tyrannical rules and remain committed to a fair and open process that respects the will of Iowa voters.


Committee Actions

  • Committee Business Meeting (3/10/21): Contestee Mariannette Miller-Meeks’s Motion to Dismiss Notice of Contest Regarding the Election for Representative in the 117th Congress from the Second Congressional District of Iowa, and for other purposes

Tentative Timeline of Events

  • March 29: Rep. Miller-Meeks Reply Brief Due (Lofgren Letter)
  • March 29: Hart Reply Brief Due (Lofgren Letter)
  • April: Expect Rita Hart 30-day discovery period actually to begin
  • 30 Days Following Rita Hart Discovery Period: Rep. Miller-Meeks 30-day Discovery Period
  • 10 Days Following Rep. Miller-Meeks Discovery Period: Rita Hart 10-day Rebuttal Testimony Period
  • 45 Days Post Rita Hart Rebuttal Testimony Period: Rita Hart Final Brief + Appendix
  • 30 Days Post Rita Hart Final Brief: Rep. Miller-Meeks Final Brief + Appendix
  • 10 Days Post Rep. Miller-Meeks Final Brief: Rita Hart Final Reply Brief
  • Later: Committee may at this point decide to send a recommendation to the floor or order a recount
  • Unknown: Committee business meeting(s) to consider the contest

Ranking Member Davis Letters and Press Releases

Coalition Letters