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Jan 23, 2020
"Implying that Russia decided our elections just to get a few retweets is irresponsible and undermines American voters who decided both the last election and in 2016. Our voting machines were not hacked, and ballots were not altered by Russia. Implying otherwise can be seen as a political tool wielded to prevent American voters from trusting in their own election process. Instead of misleading tweets, I wish Speaker Pelosi would work with Republicans to pass the bipartisan reforms I have put forth."
Jan 22, 2020
"I am disappointed to see a program with such good intentions be so poorly administered,” said Ranking Member Davis. “Automatic Voter Registration has the potential to encourage more voter participation, but as we’ve seen, if it’s not carefully administered, it can have major consequences on the integrity of our elections. This egregious error further highlights the need for states to regularly update their registration rolls and how H.R. 1, which federally mandates processes like Automatic Voter Registration for every state, can have serious issues for states with even less infrastructure than Illinois. I’m planning to convene a listening session, through the Committee on House Administration, where I hope to hear from the IL Secretary of State about how he intends to solve this error and reassure Illinois voters that non-citizens are not being registered to vote.”
Jan 16, 2020
"I applaud the FBI for committing to keep our election officials informed if any of their election systems are breached by a foreign agent or any other hacker. This new policy, which is similar to what I introduced in my own bill, is a great step to ensuring our elections remain secure by increasing our communication between federal, state, and local jurisdictions and protecting the validity of election results," said Ranking Member Davis. "Our election stakeholders are taking action to protect American voters, and I hope our committee will be able to come together to amplify these efforts with strong, bipartisan election legislation."

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