Committee Reports

Each Committee is required to submit to the Committee on House Administration a report signed by the Committee Chair on the activities of the Committee during the preceding month. The monthly report must include the following:
  • Summary of the progress of the specific investigations and studies for which funds were approved.
  • Statement of expenses for the month and year to date. Committees must reconcile their figures with the Monthly Financial Statement prior to submitting the monthly reports.
  • Report of travel performed using Committee funds.
  • List of Committee employees, job titles and gross monthly salaries (a copy of the monthly Payroll Certification Form is acceptable).
  • Certification by the Chair of the reporting Committee that the report is available to Members of the Committee for examination.
  • A list of all Committee detailees with each detailee's effective start and end date of detail at the Committee.

The Committee on House Administration may inform Committees of additional requirements for inclusion.

Monthly reports for each Committee are available for public inspection on each Committee's website and below: