2007-2008 Elections Calendar Now Available

Sep 24, 2007
Press Release

The 2007/2008 Elections Calendar was designed both as a reference guide for Members regarding the primary and blackout dates, and as a planning tool to ensure that a suitable timeframe for Franking approval is integrated into your office’s communications plan. Because the timeframes for review vary according to the amount and nature of the material submitted, offices are advised to contact the Franking Commission during the earliest stages of the communications planning process to receive guidance on the amount of time that should be allotted for Franking review and approval of each mass communication. Future updates to the Elections Calendar, including information on New York’s primary date, which has not yet been set by that state, will be posted to the Committee’s Republican Web site at https://republicans-cha.house.gov/.

In the event that your office wishes to create a number of communications in advance of your state’s blackout period, I would encourage you to consult the Franking Reference Guide, which is available on the Committee’s web site at: https://gop.republicans.cha.house.gov/franking/documents/2007RepublicanFrankingGuide.pdf. In addition to tips and guidelines, the Reference Guide also features “best practices” in Franked communications from Republican offices. These materials represent the innovative ways that GOP Members continue to get their message out, and I hope they provide inspiration as you reach out to constituents in your district.

As with all of our Member services, our intention is to provide the 2007/2008 Elections Calendar as an addition to, not a replacement for, interaction with our staff on all of your questions and concerns. I encourage you and your staff to contact our Franking office by phone at 6-0647, by fax at 6-0047, or in person in Room 1216A LHOB should you have any additional questions. We also have a wealth of information, including a PDF of the 2007/2008 Elections Calendar, on our Web site at https://republicans-cha.house.gov/. Thank you for your continued commitment to adhering to Franking rules and regulations, and we look forward to assisting you with all of your administrative needs.

Download the 2007/2008 Elections Calendar Here

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