Election Observer Program

The Committee on House Administration is accepting volunteers for the 2022 House Election Observer Program, one of Congress’ premier and longest-running official election integrity efforts.

The Constitution grants each House of Congress the authority “be the judge of the Elections, Returns, and Qualifications of its own Members.” This power came into clear focus during the brazen Democrat efforts to remove a duly elected Member of Congress from Iowa during the election of 2020 and replace her with a candidate of their own choice.

The Election Observer Program will deploy congressional observers to election sites across the country in order to record on-the-ground, factual information for use during elections contests or seating battles and for other purposes.

The program is a key election integrity tool in furthering House Administration Republicans efforts to restore Americans’ faith and confidence in elections. Any House Staffer can volunteer to be an election observer and will be required to complete a series of trainings. While not every volunteer observer will be deployed, observers should be available for travel in November. Travel expenses for all Republican observers will be paid by the Committee.

To learn more about the program, here are some Election Observer Program materials: