After Hearing Reveals Hundreds of Workers Still on Paid Pandemic Leave, Republicans Request Reopening Plans

May 28, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Committee on House Administration Republicans sent letters to legislative agencies requesting reopening plans after the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) Inspector General revealed at a recent hearing that there are still nearly 300 workers still on administrative COVID-19 leave, including 73 workers who do not meet the requirements for this leave but are still receiving it. The Inspector General's office confirmed this reduced workforce could impact the security of our campus and estimates this is costing millions in taxpayer dollars to continue to pay employees for leave related to the pandemic. 

"We have to get our campus back to pre-pandemic functioning levels. This is critical for safety and for Congress to serve our constituents," said Ranking Member Rodney Davis. "Many of these House officers and their staff are responsible for preparing the Capitol in case of an emergency and everyday activities. By continuing to have this House shutdown and failing to oversee these House officers, Speaker Pelosi is doing a disservice to the House and our constituents. Every staffer has had access to the vaccine for several weeks and just as most Americans have had to return to work, so should Congress. Members, staff, and support entities should all be returning to work."

Letter to Government Printing Office
Letter to United States Capitol Police
Letter to Smithsonian
Letter to Office of the Clerk
Letter to Office of Congressional Workplace Rights
Letter to Library of Congress
Letter to House Sergeant of Arms
Letter to Chief Administrative Officer
Letter to Architect of the Capitol
117th Congress