Davis: House Democrats Put Political Power Above the American People

Aug 25, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today spoke against H.R. 4 on the House floor and gave Democrats the chance to listen to roughly 80 percent of Americans who support voter ID laws by offering the Motion to Recommit that would strike provisions in H.R. 4 that penalize state and local governments who implement common sense voter ID requirements. Unfortunately, 218 Democrats blocked this commonsense measure. 

Additionally, Davis submitted for the record a joint report from the Committee on House Administration and the House Judiciary Committee disproving Democrats' false claims of widespread voter suppression and details how H.R. 4 takes away the people's power to decide election laws and instead, gives it to bureaucrats at the Department of Justice. CLICK HERE to read the report.

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Key quote:

"Democrats on the Committee on House Administration held hearing after hearing on election issues where they produced zero evidence of voter suppression, likely due to the fact that voter discrimination and suppression remain against the law in this country. 

"Yet, the bill before us goes far beyond the original VRA and would subject every state to pre-clearance – an extraordinary measure established in 1965 to prevent Democratic-led, Southern states, with a history of discrimination, from intimidating and preventing African Americans from voting. 

"If you vote for this legislation, you are voting for a federal takeover of elections. You are removing the people elected at the State and local level to run elections from making decisions about how elections are run, including voter ID laws, and putting an unaccountable, unelected Elections Czar the DOJ—the Attorney General—in charge of all elections decisions in this country." 

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Key quote:

"According to the Honest Election Project 77% of Americans support voter ID requirements, including 75% of independents, 64% of African Americans, and 76% of low-income voters. Knowing that, what does the majority do? They include language in HR 4 that would restrict common-sense voter ID requirements; and require the judicial branch to consider voter ID laws as evidence of voter suppression and, by extension, racists. That doesn’t restore faith in elections.

"H.R. 4 as introduced, would require pre-approval by an unaccountable election czar in the Biden DOJ before any state or locality under pre-clearance could enact popular, common-sense voter ID laws. H.R. 4 goes even further, requiring almost a dozen states to have their existing voter ID laws examined by the Biden DOJ before they continue to be enforced. These are the same election integrity laws that have been in place at the same time that we have seen record levels of voter participation in this country. Eliminating these kinds of common sense policies do not restore faith in elections. People see this for what it is, a partisan power grab with the singular goal of maintaining power."  

117th Congress