Davis Speaks Against Another Politically Motivated Contempt Res, Urges Capitol Security Reform

Dec 14, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today spoke against another politically motivated contempt resolution by the 1/6 Select Committee and instead, urged the majority to work with him to make important security reforms that are long overdue.


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Text of Davis’ remarks:

Here we are again considering another politically motivated contempt resolution. This time, a contempt resolution for someone who actually provided this select committee with nearly 7,000 pages of non-privileged emails and other documents in response to the subpoena. More than 1,100 documents and more than 2,300 text messages were also provided.  But that doesn’t seem to be enough for this select committee that it really has turned out to be nothing more than a partisan committee just to investigate the former President.
Subpoenas are not open ended. They are required to be narrowly tailored. Unfortunately, this committee doesn’t seem to care about the rules. I also have some serious concerns with the way whistleblowers and other witnesses are being treated by the committee.
I asked this question the last time we were here voting on a politically motivated contempt resolution and it still hasn’t been answered by the majority so I’ll ask it again: Why was the Capitol so unprotected on January 6th?
There are serious security vulnerabilities that have not been addressed and won’t be addressed nearly a year after January 6th.
There’s been little real action taken in response to the Senate report on January 6th , the Honore Task Force findings and the Capitol Police IG has released seven reports and 103 findings. Yet, the majority has failed to ensure these findings are implemented in a meaningful way.
We know massive changes to intel, perimeter protection, training, leadership structure, decision-making process, and many, many more are needed, but neither the Select Committee nor the Committee on House Administration seem at all interested in ensuring these changes are made.
Additionally, a number of questions from that day still remain unanswered. I’m still waiting on the Speaker of the House to answer a letter I sent her back in February that asks why the national guard requests by the then-police chief were denied, why the Speaker was involved in eventually approving the request, why the House SAA has refused to comply with preservation and production requests from my office. I'm the Ranking Member of the oversight committee for the House SAA, they will not comply with the preservation requests from the committee of jurisdiction. We have many other unanswered questions too, Madam Speaker.
With these questions still unanswered and another purely political contempt resolution on the floor today, it makes you ask yourself: what is the majority hiding and why are their priorities not the men and women serving in the Capitol Police and making this Capitol more secure for everyone?
We need these reforms and they should have been done months ago. I yield back.
117th Congress