Davis Statement on Democrat Rita Hart Withdrawing Federal Contest in IA-02

Mar 31, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today issued this statement after Rita Hart announced she is withdrawing her federal contest before the committee:

“This is a great day for democracy. Rita Hart withdrawing her contest before the committee is the right move for this institution and for the country. There is a time and place for the Federal Contested Elections Act, but this was not it. This was a Pelosi power grab from the start and indicative of how she has continued to lead this House. 
“For weeks, Republicans have been saying this election was certified by a bipartisan, transparent process in Iowa and any issues should have been taken up by the Iowa courts. However, Democrats on this committee continued to set forth an election contest that was partisan, unfair, and rigged for one result and the American people started to see through it. Overturning this seat would have silenced 400,000 people in Iowa’s Second District and lost the trust of millions of Americans throughout the country.  
“We have a process in this country that is established by the Constitution and that is states run our elections. Laws governing your right to vote should be made by the government closest to the people, not politicians in Washington. House Democrats should follow Hart’s lead and abandon their push to federalize our elections with H.R. 1 because as we just saw, when Americans are told the truth about the policies being pushed by Speaker Pelosi, they’re extremely unpopular.
“Congresswoman Miller-Meeks is doing a great job representing the people of Iowa and I look forward to continuing to serve with her in Congress.”



117th Congress