Democrats Ask House Admin to Ignore Iowa Law to Steal a Congressional Seat

Mar 23, 2021
Press Release

Washington, DC – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) released this statement after Rita Hart filed a brief with the committee asking members to “depart from Iowa law” in order to overturn a sitting member of Congress, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa).
“Democrats’ latest brief from Marc Elias asks this committee to ‘depart from Iowa law,’ shift the burden of proof to Congresswoman Miller-Meeks to prove she won despite having an election certificate, limit her opportunity for discovery, and manipulate the rules to fit a pre-determined outcome,” said Davis. “Hart agreed to the recount rules and her campaign participated in this bipartisan recount process and chose not to challenge the results in court, but now she’s arguing this committee should use a partisan process and throw out these rules because she didn’t like the outcome. 
“Every member of Congress from Iowa was elected under these same laws and it’s imperative that this committee respect Iowa’s process, which was timely, bipartisan, and transparent. If we don’t, then we are undermining the integrity of our elections and the trust of voters. This committee should not be wasting taxpayers’ time or money on a contest that was filed because the candidate said herself she couldn’t win any other way. That’s not what the Federal Contested Elections Act was put in place for.”


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