Hearing Reveals 'No Oversight' of Capitol Police Board, Republicans Call for Hearings

Apr 21, 2021
Press Release

Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today released this statement after the completion of today's hearing with the United States Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton:

"IG Bolton confirmed one of the reasons, I believe, has caused major dysfunction within our security system and that's there is no oversight of the Capitol Police Board. So while I agree with IG Bolton’s recommendation to overhaul how the United States Capitol Police views their mission, we also need to change the dysfunctional nature of the Board. Right now the chief has the ability to execute but not the authority to do so, while the board has all the authority to act but no ability to execute. Layered on top of that, is the political influence at the board level that paralyzes its ability to function as it was designed. We need to increase transparency and remove the politics from these security decisions. 

"As mentioned last Thursday, we are drafting and will soon release a set of recommended reforms to the board that I hope can serve as a conversation starter for long overdue, common sense changes and if implemented, will undoubtedly address many of the root causes for so many security failures on January 6th. I'm also hopeful the majority will allow this committee to hear directly from current and former leaders on the Capitol Police Board and the USCP at a future hearing."

117th Congress