Ranking Member Davis Introduces the Capitol Police Advancement Act

Jul 9, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON - Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today introduced the Capitol Police Advancement Act to increase transparency, improve accountability, and strengthen personnel decision capabilities within the force.
“As we look at proposals to improve law enforcement across the country, I believe there are changes we can implement to strengthen the U.S. Capitol Police force as well,” said Davis. “The Capitol Police Advancement Act increases public transparency and helps ensure bad actors do not remain on the force. It’s important we preserve the integrity of the Capitol Police for the many great men and women who work each day to protect members, staff, and visitors.”
Bill Details
New Reporting Requirements. Brings the USCP in line with other federal law enforcement agencies by improving accountability through new reporting requirements.

  • Requires the department to produce a public semi-annual report of activities of the USCP.
  • The USCP will be required to participate in the collection and publication of law enforcement statistics consistent with other federal law enforcement agencies.

Bolsters USCP Inspector General (IG) & Increases Transparency. Gives the IG more independence and increases transparency by making their reports available to the public.

  • The USCP IG would have budgetary independence under this bill.
  • Reports by the USCP IG would be made publicly available. This is consistent with the IG reports from executive branch IGs and the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), Government Publishing Office (GPO), Library of Congress (LOC), and Government Accountability Office (GAO) IGs. Law enforcement sensitive information will be redacted at the direction of the Capitol Police Board (CPB).

Protects the Integrity of the USCP. Would ensure the integrity of the USCP is protected by ensuring bad police officers do not remain on the force after being terminated by the Capitol Police Board (CPB).

  • Strengthens the department’s ability to remove officers that are unfit for duty from the department. There will remain an extensive internal disciplinary process that includes a review panel of the officer’s peers and Capitol Police Board. We have seen the current process result in the department being required to bring back officers that have demonstrated behavior inconsistent with what we expect from law enforcement officers.
116th Congress